Nurture Yourself from the inside out.

Delivering a blend of Natural juice therapy, massage and mindfulness.

To help correct illness, reduce toxicity and create balance.

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Nurture's holistic wellbeing

Hello and welcome to my website. 

Here you can choose from a range of services.

Discover how certain foods can effect your mood and general health, include some freshly extracted juices into your diet to target certain health  issues, improve general wellbeing or make up your daily seven a day ration.

Indian head massage can relax muscles in the head, neck and shoulders, increase blood and oxygen flow and drain away stress, anxiety and toxins. Improve mood, pain levels and mental clarity whilst reducing eye strain, sinus blockages and pain. This massage nourishes your tissues and encourages healing. Toxins and blockages are encouraged to flow from the body and general immunity is enhanced.

Facial massage can have you looking and feeling great from the inside and the outside. The massage energises facial muscles, relieves fatigue and stress. Increasing your blood flow and nourishing your cells whilst releasing toxins. Specially prepared handmade facial products feed and nourish your skin.

A mindfulness approach also ties these therapies together. You can not have a healthy body whilst carrying around unhealthy thoughts and practices.


Fresh, naturally  extracted vegetable and fruit juices can help boost your energy and immune system. Delivering nutrients right into the blood stream within 20 minutes after drinking them. Combine with other foods for a natural high.


Indian Head Massage increases the blood supply to upper arms , shoulders , upper back , neck , face and scalp.  Increasing blood supply increases the delivery of nutrients and oxygen via the arterial circulation , flooding and nourishing tissues for optimised health.


Massage can relieve muscle tension and fatigue. increase flexibility and improve posture.

It can help an overburdened build up of lactic acid to be removed that may be causing pain in discomfort in the muscles.  


Breathing and meditation techniques can help draw the mind away from pain or anxieties which may hold emotional stress and repressed feelings.

Massage is excellent for relieving pain by stimulating the release of beta-endorphins and serotonin from the brain which help relieve pain and lift mood.

Indian head massage also helps drain the sinuses and releases pressure in the face and cheeks and relieves the pain associated with blocked sinuses.


Natural juice therapy can help with the alleviation of pain and inflammation from the joints . Ginger and turmeric have excellent records in trails against non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs . There are many more fruits and vegetables that can combine in a tasty juice which help to relive inflammation and crystals forming in the joints which all effect movement and flexibility. Coupled with massage , joints can soon become more mobile.

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